The SkinPointEight Name

Skin: A vast, interconnected biological network, an organ in communication with its inner and outer environment, the Skin receives, interprets ageing triggers and information. A diagnostic mirror that reflects the degree of its own vitality, but also that of the rest of the body and mind.

Point: A reflection of the Skin’s current condition, at this present Point in time, as shaped by its past chronological ageing influences. An “Acupuncture Point”, selected to trigger regulative mechanisms within the skin, initiate healing and restore integrity and genuine beauty.

Eight: A state of contentment and balance, as represented by the number Eight in Oriental philosophy. The dynamic balance at present that adapts chronological aging and the skins empowered performance.

‘We cannot fight time but we can adapt to it’

Traditional Asian medicine nowadays enriched by modern medicinal findings, built on a foundation of more than 4,500 years of successful time-assured medical practice. The ancient tradition employs techniques that utilise nature’s resources and examines the relationships and interactions of all biological systems.

Dr (TCM) John Tsagaris has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine for more than 25 years, exploring particularly its dermatological and age related advantages. He has been fascinated and humbled by the ancient wisdom of Oriental longevity old secret traditions and its nature-science insights to timeless beauty.

His journey revealed medicinal secrets of the ancient Oriental alchemy and elixirs of life, inspiring his formulations, as well as exploring their biological effects on skin’s resilience to ageing. His successes in his medical field encouraged him to further assess the benefits of the integrative approach to his skin care promise.

The innovative skin care approach of SkinPointEight launches the combination of purified and whole-spectrum extractions of remedial and adaptogenic plant-based ingredients. Synergistic western actives, complement and add to the profound cosmetic results. The skin feels noticeably hydrated, soothed and visibly nourished, with actives that work on an age-preventing level to remedy, adapt and maximise the skin’s performance.

The sophisticated formulations aid the skin on a cellular level and adapt to its current environmental challenges, achieving a comprehensive solution to skin regeneration by optimising its natural resources.
Key characteristics of SkinPointEight include:

•    Medicinal oriental botanical blends, inspired from their beneficial use in Chinese herbal dermatology to remedy and address skin concerns contributing to the ageing process.

•    Superior adaptogen herbal potents in some products even up to 50%, exceeding current industry standards. Only 1 out of every 4,000 medicinal plants meets the criteria to be classified as an adaptogens, also called biological response modifiers or herbs of immortality. The ancient elixirs of life, the adaptogens, became a revolutionary discovery in medical herbalism research, initiated by Russians scientists in the 1960’s creating a field of biomedical pharmacopoeia in its own right. Their bio-compatible phyto-chemical actives perform their nonspecific response on the skin’s physiology and resistance to multiple stressors from either cellular or environmental and their normalising influence, irrespectively to the direction of environmental challenges. The elite adaptogen herbs are unique on multi-functional delivery of benefits, addressing cellular ageing, oxidation, inflammation, photo-ageing and multiple premature ageing factors simultaneously.

•    Breakthrough western cosmetic actives with evident database of efficacy for advanced skin performance that work synergistically with the herbal extracts, to transform the skin to its optimum condition.

SkinPointEight, offers a multi-dynamic approach to skin care where the concepts of adaptation, normalisation, homeostasis or equilibrium embrace individual needs. It respects ageing rather than fighting it and utilising the skin’s regeneration resources, by supporting its functions and potential, for a beautiful skin at any age.

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