Auricular therapy, or ear acupuncture, is a form of traditional Chinese medicine and scientifically embraced on the idea that the ear is a microsystem which reflects the entire body, represented on the auricle, the outer portion of the ear.  Conditions affecting the physical, mental or emotional health of the patient are treatable by stimulation of the surface of the ear exclusively.

During your treatment at our Chelsea clinic, in London, we can successfully begin to address an array of issues, including psychosomatic problems, depression and weight management.

Duration: 30 min

Cost: £90 with John Tsagaris

Follow up with principle associate £50

Discounted courses are available and recommended

Contact John and his team for more information or to book your appointment.

It was amazing. John is such a fount of knowledge. I left feeling so very tired and still feel…grounded, for want of a better world, today ”

Marie Claire

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