Age-Adapt® Daily Moisturiser

If you suffer from sensitive skin, John Tsagaris’ Age-Adapt Daily Moisturiser – a premium skincare product which aims to keep your complexion nourished at all times – is the perfect choice for you. A concentration of adaptogen herbal botanicals and remedial Chinese herbs, the SkinPointEight AGE-ADAPT® Daily Moisturiser works in synergy with moisture-capturing phyto-ceramide blends, while luxurious oils stimulate antioxidant resistance against environmental stressors.


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If you’re looking for a premium skincare collection for sensitive skin, you’ve found it with our London-based company, SkinPointEight and its beautiful moisturiser. Reducing fine lines, boosting collagen and improving skin’s resilience, John Tsagaris’ Age-Adapt ® Daily Moisturiser (50ml) should be massaged in a circular motion on a cleansed face and neck. Use morning and/or evening and apply one to two pumps – you’ll soon discover why this is a best-selling range for both men and women.

Protecting the skin against environmental stressors, this innovative formulation works in synergy with moisture-capturing phyto-ceramide blends. Meanwhile, luxurious oils help repair skin’s epidermal smoothness and integrity.

Specifically designed to enhance skin barrier structure and responses, this daily moisturiser normalises photo-protective and environmental adaptability of the skin, while supporting its performance too. Nourishing even the most sensitive skin types, the product contains adaptogen herbs which influence the body in a bio-compatible, holistic manner to achieve a multi-faceted resistance and performing a normalising influence aimed at equilibrium.

Combining Rhodiola, Astragalus, Ginseng and Gou Ji Berries, the product also features Chinese herbal extracts from Green Tea, Ginger and Magnolia. Assisting antioxidant defences and preventing uneven skin tone from UV-induced stress, the beautifully luxurious moisturiser is brimming with anti-oxidants and helps to reduce the effects of ageing, too.

To use, simply apply one to two pumps of the product onto a cleansed face and neck, massaging it in circular motions until absorbed. Why not pair this product with some other carefully-selected products from the luxury SkinPointEight range?


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