Age-Adapt® Night Concentrate

Extremely soothing, this luxuriously rich product from John Tsagaris’ SkinPointEight collection works hard to restore the skin’s natural antioxidant resources. It’s so gentle, in fact, that this product can even be used on the most sensitive of skins – and it’s the ideal skincare product for both men and women too. What’s more, it reinforces and restores the complexion’s renewal abilities.

Featuring a remedial blend of Chinese herbs – Phellodendri, Salvia leaf, Scutellaria and Chlorella Vulgaris, the product focuses on soothing and restoring the integrity of skin, as well as repairing and supporting and supports its defence responses.


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Our premium Age-adapt® Night Concentrate restores skin’s natural antioxidant resources and helps seal in moisture, as well as nourish and defend the skin from environmental stressors. A hard-working overnight skincare product which can be used by men or women, the product features a remedial blend of Chinese herbs, Phellodendri, Salvia leaf, Scutellaria and Chlorella Vulgaris, the luxurious product focuses on soothing the skin, as well as repairing it and boosting antioxidant support.

Rich in amino acids, it helps smooth and heal even sensitive skin from within, as well as hydrate and smooth fine lines. A clever blend of Ascorbic Glucoside, Hyaluronate and fatty acid mean that uneven skin tone is easily regulated, while the product normalises and repairs, deeply nourishes and keeps irritation to a minimum.

To use, thoroughly massage one to two pumps of the product onto a cleansed and slightly damp face, massaging in until absorbed.


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