Discover the luxury skincare range from renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner John Tsagaris. Practising for over 20 years, he treats an A-list of clients from his clinic in Chelsea and his luxury age-embracing products are the result of his unparalleled experience in treating skin conditions. The SkinPointEight range helps your skin embrace ageing and fuels its potential to heal, adapt and accelerate performance.

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  • Skin

    A vast, interconnected biological network, an organ in communication with its inner and outer environment, the Skin receives, interprets ageing triggers and information. A diagnostic mirror that reflects the degree of its own vitality, but also that of the rest of the body and mind.

  • Point

    A reflection of the Skin’s current condition, at this present Point in time, as shaped by its past chronological ageing influences. An “Acupuncture Point”, selected to trigger regulative mechanisms within the skin, initiate healing and restore integrity and genuine beauty.

  • Eight

    A state of contentment and balance, as represented by the number Eight in Oriental philosophy. The dynamic balance at present that adapts chronological aging and the skins empowered performance.

SkinPointEight, offers a multi-dynamic approach to skin care where the concepts of adaptation, normalisation, homeostasis or equilibrium embrace individual needs. It respects ageing rather than fighting it and utilising the skin’s regeneration resources, by supporting its functions and potential, for a beautiful skin at any age.

‘We cannot fight time but we can adapt to it’


An amazing man - he has helped me unbelievably and I would recommend him to anyone.
Sophie Evans
Sophie Evans
14:55 15 Nov 17
I have been seeing John for 7 months now and have been amazed at how much better I have been feeling. Normally with hay fever I am on tablets, sprays and eye drops and I have been managing without these from John's treatment. Recently I saw John for an emergency appointment as I had started coughing badly, and it felt like a classic combination for me of chest infection and sinusitis, which I have regularly suffered from. I saw John on the Friday afternoon, and by the Sunday I was so much better I could join in the tennis lessons I had booked while on holiday in Portugal. I also had no pain in my sinuses on the flight. I have really committed to John's treatment plan, and I think it is really paying off. Thank you John!read more
Inge Jones
Inge Jones
20:28 18 Jul 17
Brilliant, best facial. John's approach is to build up the strength and resilience of the skin. Results are subtle and cumulative. An absolutely regular diary date. I like to go every 3 to 4 weeks.
13:57 23 May 17
I have been seeing john now for almost six months. He has literally revolutionised my life after six operations on my elbow and over two years of constant pain.Thank you thank you. I am such a convert and the most amazing man.
16:57 21 Apr 17
Natural products that work. Natural volume without harm.Exceptional skill and experienced eye.Very safe hands...... its a no brainer.
13:47 21 Mar 17
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