Cupping is the term applied to a technique that uses small glass or plastic cups as suction devices which are placed on the skin in order to alleviate muscular stiffness and promote topical blood circulation. Like acupuncture, cupping follows the lines of the meridians and targets specific areas. Usually cupping is combined and applied with localised acupuncture to enhance therapeutic results to alleviate topical concerns.

During the treatment at our clinic in London, focus will remain on the use of pressure points or areas, with cupping used to help to align and relax the body, as well as targeting more specific issues.

By targeting the meridian channels, cupping strives to free these channels and areas of concern, providing smoother energy flow. It is thought to affect tissues on a much deeper level. Toxins (stagnant bio-residues) can be released, blockages can be relieved and blood circulation can be refreshed within deeper body tissues. In some cases, it is applied to maximise the therapeutic outcome of cupping.

Is it safe?

It is absolutely safe, it is a painless procedure and the only side effect is a circular bruise which takes a few days to subside.  The treatment should not be performed on sensitive areas where broken capillaries are present or superficial veins.

Does it work?

Yes.  It mechanically forces inflammatory stagnant bio products to be eliminated through circulation and skin.  Also benefits tremendously the elasticity of fascia that surrounds muscles and tissues which get either tight, injured or rigid.  Therefore by stretching them we facilitate detoxification of the area and good elasticity of the surrounding tissues.

If you would like to learn more about this treatment, please read our interview with John explaining what is cupping therapy?

Duration: 60 mins

Initial consultation and treatment with John Tsagaris: £150

£90 with associate practitioner

Discounted courses are available and recommended.

Contact John and his team if you require any further information or to book your appointment.

The facial with his mask and cupping was great and my skin looks amazing ”


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