My skin looks pink and healthier afterwards and even smoother a few days later. The “nasal level” lines (the deepening grooves from the side of the nose to the mouth) are much shallower. Also, my pestilential monthly skin breakouts disappear while I am having the course. ”

Anne McElvoy -Evening Standard

Dr (TCM) John Tsagaris

Facial Acupuncture Treatment

The only beauty/facial acupuncture treatment of its kind. Beauty Acupuncture triggers a cascade of crucial healing processes for facial rejuvenation, from increased oxygen flow to the release of powerful anti-inflammatory agents to activate the skin and its ability to regenerate. This is a highly specialised treatment to stimulate skin’s self-repairing mechanisms encouraging production of collagen and elastin and enhance skin natural hydration and nutritional levels. According to a recent study up to 90%of people having the treatment had noticeable results on reduction of fine lines, plumpness, elasticity and firmness of their skin.

During your treatment at our Chelsea clinic in London, you will receive a facial shiatsu / acupressure massage to diagnose structural and pathological issues and to deliver muscular release, energy flow and circulation toning the facial contour and improving skin resilience. The ‘facial bodywork’ aims to plump the skin, release muscular tension, reduce puffiness and fluid retention, promoting lymph drainage, and encouraging a healthy, youthful glow.

Duration: 60 mins with John Tsagaris


  • Initial Consultation & Treatment: £220
  • Follow up with Principle Associate: £130

Discounted courses are available and recommended

Call: Phone: 0203 489 9779


Or contact John and his team for more information or to book your appointment.

You can read more about cosmetic acupuncture on this detailed guide written by John.


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