My skin looks pink and healthier afterwards and even smoother a few days later. The “nasal level” lines (the deepening grooves from the side of the nose to the mouth) are much shallower. Also, my pestilential monthly skin breakouts disappear while I am having the course. ”

Anne McElvoy -Evening Standard

Dr (TCM) John Tsagaris

The John Tsagaris advanced signature cosmetic acupuncture is an inspirational treatment that integrates Chinese medical wisdom with western scientific interventions. John is a pioneer on the cosmetic applications of acupuncture in the UK where he first launched this holistic yet effective anti-ageing concept. Since then the treatment has become the natural alternative of beauty insiders and international celebrities often quoted as “A whole body anti-ageing facial”.

Once internal causes that affect skins ageing are assessed, facial cosmetic acupuncture (painless insertion of highly specialised tiny needles on the face and body) focuses on rejuvenating, re-energising and addressing all signs of skin concerns by stimulating, repairing and renewing skin mechanisms from within the dermis – middle part of skin, resulting in a noticeably invigorated and youthful skin. (Read more)

The process accelerates a cascade of crucial healing triggers which facilitates increased micro-circulation and oxygen supply to the skin as well as encouraging skin’s own soothing agents. The process promotes detoxification and encourages production of newer and stronger collagen and elastin fibres resulting in improved firmness, elasticity, reduced fine lines, regeneration, healthier complexion and texture, delivering lasting anti-ageing accumulative results.

John employs in addition the state of the art LED (Light Emitting Diode) light therapy to activate skin cells and focus on skin’s cellular regulation while treating you at his London clinic.

This is a non-invasive unique and highly advanced addition to his cosmetic acupuncture, credited by NASA research, which aims to re-programme the skins ability to adapt to the ageing process, promote healing, collagen and elastin and address skin concerns. specific wavelengths of light targets wrinkles, aiming to improve skin’s barrier function by improving its ability to utilise key components that it needs to heal and generate new collagen after its production has slowed due to age or cumulative damage.

John Tsagaris’s Advanced Signature Cosmetic Acupuncture is complemented with his bespoke SkinPointEight mask from his exclusive skin care range for advanced soothing and deeply hydrating benefits, combining facial acupressure/shiatsu to activate energy channels on the face, reduce fluid retention and tone facial contour.

The advanced combination of highly effective and evident efficacy of the treatment qualifies John’s advanced signature facial acupuncture as a very powerful anti-ageing way to skin renewal and optimal performance.

Duration: 60 min


  • Cost £245
  • Discounted course price for three treatments: £661.50

Discounted courses are recommended

Call: 0203 489 9779


Or contact John and his team for more information or to book your appointment.

Discover more about cosmetic acupuncture here by reading John’s detailed guide.


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