Specially created to address facial tone and invigorate the skin. Shiatsu facial massage is unlike any other in giving a sense of harmony and true balance as well as affecting substantially muscular tone and skins responses. It methodically affects acupuncture channels and points on the face and alleviates any blockages and individual concerns.

The treatment is complemented with LED light therapy for even more advanced results and a nourishing mask from SkinPointEight skin care collection for intense hydration and soothing.

John Tsagaris designed the treatment specifically to combine his highly skilful techniques and the wisdom of facial shiatsu. His bare hands, full of energy and experience, recharge and invigorate the face while he identifies and diagnoses the client’s general condition while treating at his Chelsea clinic, in London. Passion for healthy beautiful skin, inspired from ancient wisdom, makes this treatment into timeless skin bliss.

The Benefits:
• Plumps up the skin
• Invigorates facial energy and blood circulation
• Releases facial muscular tension
• Drains puffiness and fluid retention
• Brightens up dull, stressed complexion

Duration: 45 mins

Cost: £110 with principle associate

Discounted courses are available and recommended

Contact John and his team for more information or to book your appointment.

John is evangelical about increasing the body’s production of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid instead of injecting them”

Body and Soul, The Times

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